Real TEFL Teachers deserve more

The following tweet by Fiona Wattam , founder of  IELTS with Fiona , might possibly strike a nerve with many English Trainers around the world. And it most definitely did so with at least one of our team of English Trainers in Hamburg, Germany….. me!

Fiona’s TEFL Teachers tweet 

Questions for TEFL Teachers & English Learners
  • What is your opinion of the comment that Fiona overheard?
  • What emotions does the comment raise?
More questions for TEFL Teachers
  • Have you heard similar comments?
  • How have you reacted? (or how would you react?)

Personally, I’ve been hugely impressed by many excellent TEFL teachers over the years – and also been somewhat distressed that their efforts haven’t always been properly recognised (see Fiona’s tweet above!)

The result is this website and its aim is to help to provide better opportunities, recognition and reward to our team of quality TEFL teachers in the future.

Free profile pages are already available to those who make a successful application to join at this early stage of its development.

Progress can be followed by signing up to ESLWeekender – a weekly collection of quality ESL resources and videos together with all the latest developments at

Fiona’s Blog Post

A link to the blog post will, of course, appear on this page – as well on all EnglishTrainersorg social media feeds – as soon as it has been published.

In the meantime, please let her know your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook or in a comment below.



  1. I taught ESL/EFL both in the US and overseas. I worked hard, loved it, miss it. Am I a “real” teacher? My students certainly thought so. I have graduate degrees from UC Berkeley, Columbia University. I am an ABD in TESOL.

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