Online Business English Training

Individual & Company Training sessions take place on Zoom as follows: 

Free level check, needs analysis and strategy session– Getting to know each other
– Level check & needs analysis
– Identifying & setting goals
– Planning course content
Free training sessions (5 x 60 minutes)– Language skills development
– Conversational coaching
– Presentations practice
– Writing assignments


  • 1 free 60 minute level check, needs analysis and strategy session
  • 5 free 60 minute training sessions
  • Lots of excellent free resources – without any obligation to book further training sessions


  • Payment is due within 30 days of invoice
  • There is no minimum contract period
  • Training sessions can be stopped at any time for any reason
  • It is possible to make one cancellation per month without any charge being made provided that at least 24 hours notice is given
 Prices (Euros + 19% sales tax)

                                                                                            sessions per week

Business English

 1 Session

 2 Sessions

3+ Sessions

90 minute 




60 minute 




Will McCulloch – MA Economics – TEFL Qualified

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