English Language Services

We are a well-qualified team of independent English trainers who provide a wide range of English language services under friendly conditions.

Registration for English Trainers

  1. EnglishTrainers.org only accepts registrations from well-qualified providers of English language services.
  2. Our aim is to always provide quality English services under excellent conditions.
  3. We always review personal websites and online profiles such as Linkedin or Xing before accepting any service provider onto our website.
  4. We absolutely welcome membership applications which are from non-native speakers.
  5. The service providers on englishtrainers.org will always invoice their learners or clients directly. This website does not take any percentage of income from service providers.
  6. Those who successfully join our website are able to create their own free profile page in order to promote their services.
  7. We hold regular meetings on Zoom which English trainers may attend in order to share language learning resources, knowledge, support and opportunities.