English Exams for ESL Learners

Fiona Wattam is an absolute expert on English Examinations and has kindly helped to create this selection of incredibly useful ESL websites. She specialises in helping learners get excellent results for IELTS without wasting time and energy – and provides her students with brilliant support in her members academy

Her top 3 all-time favourite websites for test-takers are:

  1. Ludwig (for checking collocations etc. Amazing)
  2. Perfect English Grammar (for practising grammar)
  3. Learning English (a German site with good practice exercises)

And for IELTS learners Fiona especially recommends Keith’s IELTS Speaking Success and IELTS Liz.

On her own site the most  popular and useful pages are

IELTS Band Score Calculator

Progress Predictor (How long will it take to pass IELTS?)

All her free lessons (fantastic)

IELTS Resources (this leads to lots more useful links)

And in other places on the wonderful world wide web ….

Fiona’s IELTS Podcast on Anchor.fm (big thumbs up!)

More podcasts by other IELTS trainers

IELTS tutors



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