Video Discussion Topics

Watching short videos is a great way for English learners to prepare well for discussion topics. It will help to improve your conversational skills with English trainers on skype , in the classroom – and in the real world.

  1. Are mobile phones and 5G a danger to health?
  2. Are multinational companies mostly good or mostly bad for society?
  3. Do job perks benefit both employees and businesses?
  4. Do people have any right to carry out tests on animals?
  5. Do schools help children develop their true potential?
  6. Does airport security really prevent a lot of terrorism?
  7. Does power corrupt?
  8. Has the internet helped to improve the quality of life?
  9. Have GMO’s made the world a better place?
  10. How important is workplace attire to performance and productivity?
  11. Is capitalism good for society?
  12. Is democracy the best form of government?
  13. Is God real ?
  14. Is it acceptable for gay people to adopt children?
  15. Is it ok to kill animals for food?
  16. Is it true that cannabis can cure cancer?
  17. Is monarchy a good idea?
  18. Is multi-level marketing a legitimate business model?
  19. Should everyone receive a minimum income?
  20. Should mothers of young children be encouraged to give up their jobs?
  21. Should performance enhancing drugs be banned?
  22. Should police carry guns?
  23. Should society punish people who use drugs?
  24. Should social media sites be banned at work?
  25. Should workplace colleagues avoid office romances?
  26. What are the effects of corporate donations to political candidates?
  27. What are the pros and cons of employees working from a home office?
  28. What sort of influence does advertising have on society?
  29. Which accents are the most difficult to understand?
  30. Will robots ever have real authority over humans?
  31. Will there ever be an end to wars?