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Originally from London, and keen to share my knowledge of the English language and culture with you, my years of working with speakers of the world’s major languages has taught me that language and culture cannot be separated. Consequently, the service I provide you will be a cultural experience as well as an academic one.  

A friendly, respectful and patient English teacher, who uses clear and simple techniques to explain and help you understand, I guarantee my high standards and the service I offer – adapted 100% to meet all YOUR language needs – will surpass your expectations.

Let me teach you ‘real English' that you hear everyday in the streets and offices of London.


Achieving fluency in another language is long and frustrating, and perhaps you have already spent lots of time and money on learning English, and are aware of the techniques that work for you, and which ones don’t. The steps needed to develop fluency may vary from person to person, and the need to adopt a flexible approach and adapt to each client’s circumstances is fundamental to my philosophy.​​

The traditional route of learning English in a language school can lead to disappointment because of large class sizes and slow progress. Private tuition offers a much more friendly and personalised service, without the need to commit to a number of classes, or waste your time listening to other students’ mistakes.

Consider me as your Personal Trainer. When people employ the services of a PT at the gym, they do this as they realise a fitness specialist will motivate them to reach their goals. I am a specialist in language learning, and by recognising your weaknesses and pushing you to work harder, I will motivate you to overcome any challenges and soon achieve your desired English level.