The first time is often memorable

For example, I can clearly remember almost everything about the first time that I bought a music album.

It was in October 1969 and I was waiting for the postman to arrive with hopefully a few birthday cards containing some money from kind relatives.

When the postman finally arrived, I tore open a nice number of envelopes, eagerly shook the cards and happily watched a few banknotes fall to the floor from the unread birthday cards.

I then immediately raced out of the front door.

“Bye, see you soon” I shouted to my mother, running like never before, turning right past the church and legging it excitedly all the way to Quirk’s record store.

It was only about 600 yards from our house and I got there, huffing and puffing, in record time (get it?). 

And there it was in the window.

Abbey Road by The Beatles

You can read the song lyrics here in a separate window while you listen to the album 

Conversation Questions

Do you remember the first time …

  1. you bought some music?
  2. you went to school or university?
  3. you had your first child? 
  4. you had a job?
  5. you owned a car?
  6. you went abroad?
  7. you failed badly at something?
  8. you went on a date?
  9. you left your parental home to live somewhere else?
  10. you had a pet?
  11. you had a fight?
  12. you were lost?
  13. you had an email address?
  14. you knew your own name?
  15. you went to a football match?
  16. you went to the cinema?
  17. you watched television?
  18. you used a smart phone?
  19. you rode a bicycle?
  20. you drove a car?
  21. you went on the internet?
  22. you flew in an airplane?
  23. you went swimming?
  24. you played a musical instrument?
  25. you spoke a foreign language?
  26. you got tipsy?
  27. you broke a bone?
  28. you posted something on social media?
  29. you broke the law?
  30. you went to a concert?

Many thanks to four motivated learners – Roya, Rouella, Bayan and Elham – for helping to create this list of “first time” questions. They will no doubt lead to many hours of interesting conversations in our next few speaking lessons!

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