Conversation Questions

Conversational Questions Intermediate/Advanced – Phrasal Verbs 1

Fill in the gaps using the correct form of the verbs below, talk about each question & make a note of any new vocabulary

act come crack fight freak give go go hang hear hold  live lock make miss naff pass run set shut

1. Have you ever felt faint and then __________ out?
2. Have you ever __________ into a friend unexpectedly when you were on holiday?
3. How many times have you lost or forgotten your keys and been __________ out of your home?
4. Are you good at solving problems if your computer starts to __________ up?.
5. If someone was being rude to you would you tell someone to __________ up?
6. Do you tend to __________ up an excuse if you’re late for an appointment?
7. Do you ever __________ over your old English exercises again to test yourself and improve ?
8. What time do you usually __________ out in the morning?
9. Have you ever __________ out on a good opportunity?
10. Is it a good idea for couples to __________ together for a few years before they get married?
11. How would you feel if someone told you to __________ off?.
12. Why is it usually so hard for smokers to __________ up cigarettes?
13. Where do you __________ out your washing?.
14. What time does the sun __________ down at the moment?
15. Have you __________ about the controversy surrounding the collapse of Building 7 on 9/11?
16. Do people from poorer backgrounds get __________ back by lack of opportunities?
17. Have you ever __________ up laughing at an inappropriate moment?
18. Would it __________ you out if you were to meet an alien from another planet?.
19. What’s the best way of __________ off a cold?
20. What’s the most interesting thing about the place where you __________ from?